Source of corrections and additions to the Bick & Mauffray (1997-2014) North American Anisoptera list

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Abbott, J. per. comm. (16-Mar-1999) "...Palaemnema domina: AZ: Cochise Co., Hetaerina vulnerata: not in TX, Lestes dryas: not in TX, Lestes congener: not in TX, Lestes d. disjunctus: found in palo Duro Canyon along with L. d australis, by S. Dunkle; brings up questions of subspecific status, Enallagma cyathigerum: not in TX....Gomphus exilis: Texas despite my earlier report (Abbott & Stewart, 1998) of this record. I have decided that it probably referred to G. oklahomensis and without a specimen, I don't think it should be listed for the state..Libellula quadrimaculata: not in TX, Sympetrum pallipes: not in TX. [ back to H. vulnerata, E. cyathigerum = A. annexum, L. congener, L. disjunctus, L. dryas, P. domina, G. exilis, L. quadrimaculata, S. pallipes ]

Abbott, J. 2001. The 2001 DSA annual meeting at Junction, Texas. Argia, 13(3): 2-4 [ back to E peruviana]

Abbott, J. 2002. A new dragonfly for Utah. Argia 14(2): 13 [ back to A.persephone]

Abbott, J., 2004. A summer for the record books in Texas. Argia 16(3):16-17 [ back to A. oenea, E. antennatum, L melinogaster A. Persephone, E. attala, E. mithroides ]

Abbott, J. 2007. New and Interesting Odonata Records. Argia 19(2): 25 [ back to A. oenea ]

Abbott, J. 2011. Damselflies of Texas: a field guide. Texas Natural History guides, Univ of Texas Press. Austin. xvii + 268pp [ back to E. semicirculare, T. digiticollis ]

Abbott, J. and K. Stewart. 1998. Odonata of the South Central Nearctic Region, including northeastern Mexico. Ent. News, 109(3) 201-212 [ back to L. unguiculatis, G. mexicanaA. williamsoni, S. filosa, M. inequiunguis ]

Abbott, J., and R. Larsen. 2002. Two new Damselflies for Nevada. Argia 14(1): 4 [back to H. vulnerata, I. demorsa ]

Aguillard, D. 2007. CalOdes/DSA Blitz II – The Desert Experience (A New State Record). Argia 18(4): 4-6 [ back to T. calverti ]

Ahrens, C. 1968. A list of Odonata taken in Cranesville Swamp in 1966. Arboretum Newsletter, West Virginia University 17(4): 6. [ back to  E. canis, L. flavida ]

Arbour, D. 2007. Tholymis citrina (Evening Skimmer) found in Oklahoma. Argia 18(4): 29 [ back to T. citrina ]

Avise, J. 2007. Turquoise-tipped Darner (Rhionaecshna psilus) in California. Argia 19(3): 33 [ back to R. psilus ]

Bailowitz, R. 2006. Marl Pennant (Macrodiplax balteata) in Nevada. Argia. 17(4):22 [ back to M. balteata ]

Bailowitz, R. 2006. Tramea insualris in Arizona. Argia. 18(1):9 [ back to T. insularis ]

Bailowitz, R. 2006. Thornbush Dasher (Micrathyria hagenii) New for Arizona. Argia 18(3): 14 [ back to M. hagenii ]

Bailowitz, R. 2007. Evening Skimmer (Tholymis citrina Hagen in Arizona. [ back to T. citrina ]

Bailowitz, R. 2010. Enallagma novaehispaniae Calvert (Neotropical Bluet), Another New Species for Arizona. Argia 22(4): 3 [ back to E. novaehispaniae ]

Bailowitz, R. 2010. Lestes australis (southern Spreadwing), New for Arizona. Argia 22(4): 4 [ back to L. australis ]

Bailowitz, R. & D. Danfort. 2007. Argia Harknessi Calvert (Harkness’ Dancer) New to the United States. Argia 19(2): 24-25 [ back to A. harknessi ]

Bailowitz, R. and D. Danforth. 2009. Another Interesting Saddlebags from Arizona. Argia 21(4): 13 [ back to T. binotata ]

Bailowitz, R. and D. Danforth. 2013. Chalky Spreadwing (Lestes sigma) New to Arizona. Argia 25(3): 29 [ back to L. sigma ]

Bailowitz, Richard. Per. comm. (05-Oct-2011). “I'm including 5 additions and subtractions to the website from Arizona. The one removal is Erpetogomphus designatus. We have not been able to verify a single record for this species in the state. ; And 11 years of collecting in AZ have failed to find anything supporting an inclusion on the list. Our upcoming publication for the state will not include this species. It's just perpetuating a myth. Three of the 4 state additions are Macrothemis inacuta, Sympetrum illotum, and S. semicinctum, all of which are common. A photo of the fourth addition was sent to us two summers ago, a singleton of Coryphaeschna adnexa, found along the shore of Patagonia Lake. It's a bizarre find but nicely photographed. It's unpublished as yet but we will include it in our upcoming book.” [ back to C. adnexa, E. designatus, M. inacuta, S. illotum, S. semicinctum, ]

Bailowitz, Richard. Per. comm. (06-Oct-2011): “ Please add Argia carlcooki to the Arizona state list. It's been published but I cannot remember where. A pair were photographed by Bob Behrstock 5-10 years ago at San Bernardino NWR in extreme SE Arizona. Enallagma anna from the state list. There are no records, old or new, Nor does it really come close to the state boundary. The upcoming publication on Arizona will not include it. A name change - Telebasis griffini is not the species occurring in southern Sonora. Please change the name to Telebasis levis, as per Rosser Garrison's article.” [  back to A. carlcooki, E. anna, T. levis ]

Barlow, A. 2000. Additions to the checklist of Odonata from New Jersey. Argia 12(3): 21-25 [ back to A. sedula, A. interrupta, A. subarctica, G. fraternus, G. ventricosus, E. spinigera, S. forcipata ]

Barlow, A. 2001. Second annual report of the New Jersey Odonata Survey included a state record and numerous county records. Argia 13(3): 18-22 [ back to S. kennedyi ]

Barlow, A. 2004. Third Report of the New Jersey Odonata Survey Including one state record, numerous county records and corrections to previous literature. Argia 15(4):16-21 [ back to S. danae ]

Beaton, G. & M. Dobbs. 2007. 2006 summary of Odonata Research in Georgia. Argia 18(4): 26-28 [ back to L. congener, M. balteata ]

Beaton, G. & M. Dobbs. 2008. 2007 Summary of Odonate Research in Georgia. Argia 20(1): 28-29 [ back to G. cavillaris, P. alachuensis ]

Beaton, G. & M. Dobbs. 2010. 2008-2009 Summary of Odonate Research in Georgia. Argia 22(1): 15-17. [ back to G. viridifrons, B. furcata ]

Beckemeyer, R. 1998. A brief history of the Plains Emerald-Somatochlora ensigera. Argia, 10(1): 17-19. [ back to S. ensigera ]

Beckemeyer, R. 1998. Tramea calverti collected in Missouri. Argia 10(4): 13[ back to T. calverti ]

Beckemeyer, R. 1998. Some Kansas state and County Odonata Records for 1998. Argia 10(4):26 [ back to A. immunda, E. umbrata]

Beckemeyer, R 1998. Nebraska and South Dakota Odonata - A Compilation of collecting Reports Related to The July, 1998 Valentine, Nebraska Annual Meeting of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas. Argia 10(4): 27-28 [ back to C. aequabilis, A. plana, E. signatum, A. submedianus, S. rubicundulum ]

Beckemeyer, R. 2008. Sedgwick County, Kansas Record of Miathyria Marcella (Hyacinth glider). Argia 20(4): 22 [ back to M. Marcella ]

Beckemeyer, R. 2001. Some Great Plains Odonata records for 2000 and 2001. Argia 13(4): 7-8 [back to N.gracilis ]

Beckemeyer, R. & S. Hummel 1998. Could Valentine, Nebraska be Odonata Heaven? The 1998 DSA Annual Meeting. Argia 10(3): 4-6 [ back to E. aspersum, I. hastata], G. graslinellus, S. notatus, E. costalis, C. elisa ]

Beckemeyer, R. per.comm. (7-Feb-1999). "...I had an email from Steve Hummel regarding the Iowa record for Tramea calverti mentioned in Sid Dunkle's Dragonflies and damselfies of Florida. That specimen was collected by Steve Hummel in extreme northeastern Iowa (Yellow River State Forest, Allamakee County) on August 15, 1972. Minter Westfall identified the specimen for Steve and commented that, at the time, it was the farthest north the species had been reported. The specimen is in Steve's personal collection. " [ back to T. calverti ]

Bedell, P. 2014. Epitheca semiaquea (Mantled Baskettail) Confirmed for New Hampshire. Argia 26(2): 9. [ back to E. semiaquea ]

Bedell, P. 2014. Celithemis bertha (Red-veined Pennant) New for Virginia Argia 36(2): 10. [ back to C. bertha ]

Bedell, P. and A. Chazal 1999. Dythemis velox, a new species for Virginia. Argia 11(3): 4-5. [ back to D. velox ]

Bedell, P. and A. Bryan 2005. Orthemis ferruginea Observed in Virginia. Argia 17(3):27 [ back to O. ferruginea ]

Behrstock, R. 1998. Notes on the First Record of Turquoise-Tipped Darner (Aeshna psilus) in Arizona. Argia 10(4): 11-12 [ back to R. psilus]

Behrstock, R. 1999. First Texas record of the Bar Winged Skimmer (Libellula axilena) Westwood. Argia 11(3): 5-6 [ back to L. axilena ]

Behrstock, R. A. 2000. First Texas record of Amethyst dancer (Argia pallens) Calvert, 1902. Argia 12(2): 6-7 [back to A. pallens ]

Behrstock, R. A. 2000. Results of a brief Odonate survey at East Sandia Spring, Reeves Co., Texas, including a new state record of Paiute Dancer (Argia alberta) Kennedy, 1918. Argia 12(3): 13-15 [back to A. alberta ]

Behrstock, R. 2005. New state records of Odonata for eastern Mexico. Argia 17(1):13-15. [ Back to A. oculata, A. ulmeca, A. westfalli, E. elaps, B. vivax, D. maya, M. inequiunguis ]

Behrstock, R. 2006. Five New Records of Odonata for the State of Tamaulipas, Mexico, Inclusing the Correction of a Previously Published Brechmorhoga. Argia 18(1):17-19 [ back to A. lais, E. designatus, P. breviphylla, B. tepeaca, B. vivax , C. insularis ]

Behrstock, R. 2008. First Arizona Record of Narrow-striped Forceptail (Aphylla Protracta). Argia 20(3): 21 [ back to A. protracta ]

Behrstock, R. 2009. An Update List of the Odonata of Coahuila, Mexico, Including Fortty-one New State Records and the First Mexican Occurrence of Libellula composia (Hagen). [ back to H. vulnerata, A. quadratum, A. f. violacea, A. immunda, A. lugens, A. moesta, A. munda, A nahuana, A. rhoadsi, A. translata, E. basidens, E. novaehispaniae, H. heterodoxum, I. hastata, I. ramburii, T. Salva, A. grandis, A. walsinghami, O. armata, R. dugesi, P. breviphylla, P. stigmatus, C. diadema, B. furcata, C. insularis, C. eponina, D. nigrescens, E. simplicicollis, E. basifusca, E. funerea, E. umbrata, I cubensis, L. comanche, L. composita, L. needhami, M. imitans, M. inequiunguiis, P. lydia, P. superbus, S. illotum, T. lacerata, T. onusta ]

Behrstock, R., J. Rose & J. Abbott 2007. First Texas Record and Second US Occurance of the Pale-green Darner, Triacanthagyna septima (selys in Sagra, 1857) (Odonata: Aeshnidae). Argia 18(4): 28-29. [ back to T. septima ]

Behrstock", R. ,M. Dobbs, S. Dunkle and M. Overton. 2007. Additional Records of Odonata from Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, and Queretaro States, Mexico. [ back to A. cuprea, A. plana, I. posita, N. Amelia, D. spoliatus, P. lineatipes, P. domitia, T. insularis ]

Behrstock, R., D. Danforth & Sandy Upson. 2007. A List of  the Odonata of Chihuahua State, Mexico, Including New State Records and the First Mexican Record of Argia alberta, Kennedy, 1918. BAO 10(2/3): 52-63 [ back to A. lais, A. alberta, A. anceps, A. extranea, A fumipennis, A. funcki, A. hinei, A. pallens, A. pima, A. tarascana, A. tezpi, E. praevarum, I. damula, I. hastata, I. ramburii, A.californica, L. alacer, P. domina, A. Persephone, A. walsinghami, R luteipennis, R. dugesi, R. jalapensis, R. multicolor, E. compositus, B. mendax, D. velox, M. aequalis, P. longipennis, P. hymenaea, P. intensa, P. teneera, P. superbus, S. corruptum, S. illotum, S. signiferum, T. lacerata, T. onusta ]

Belshe, J. per. comm (21-Feb-1999) "....Rhionaeschna multicolor, Missouri should be removed, it is probably not here, see Sid Dunkles 1983 paper on Aeshna; Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis, Missouri should be removed, see O. westfalli, I also have additional specimens of O. westfalli from locations in Missouri; Dythemis fugax, I have several specimens and records of this species in Missouri; Libellula vibrans, the question mark can be removed after MO listing, I have specimens and records of this species for Missouri...." [ back to R. multicolor, O. rupinsulensis, D. fugax ]

Bick, G.H. 1997. Old Specimens, New Records. Argia 9(3): 24 [ back to I. denticollis ]

Bick, George H 2003. At-Risk Odonata of Conterminous United States. Bul. Amer.Odon. 7(3): 41-56 [ back to E. pictum, E. recurvatum, G. diminutus, G. sandrius, G. septima, S. townesi , M. margarita ]

Biggs, Kathy and Dave. per. comm. (03-Jan-2002) " hadn't added Ischnura ramburii to CA. Jeff Cole found it first when we were at Dos Palmas in 2000. Both Tim Manolis and I, and also Rosser Garrisonalso collected it there that day. I also have jpegs and scans of it on my website: I. ramburii has also been found in NV and the photo documentation for that is also on my site at the same address as above. Dennis Paulson confirmed Steve Potter's record..."[back to I.ramburii ]

K. Biggs 2004. Simply suberb! A new California state record, and a bit of California Odonata history. Argia 16(3): 21-22.[ back to P. superbus ]

Biggs, Kathy. Per. Comm. (12-Jan-2005)…" E. signatum added to P 158 of SW field guide = CO” [back to E. signatum ]

Bledsoe, R. 2007. First Record of Baja Bluet (Enallagma eiseni) in California. Argia 19(2): 23-24 [ back to E. eiseni ]

Blue. D. 2007. First Record of Erythrodiplax basifusca (Plateau Dragonlet) for California. Argia 18(4): 30 [ back to E. basifusca ]

Blust, Mike, 2006. What a day!, Argia 17(4):4 [back to E. laterale, E. heros, N. pentacantha, R. mutata, G. abbreviatusS. amnicola ]

Bocanegra, O. R. 2001. First record of Somatochlora tenebrosa for Texas. Argia 13(4): 8 [ back to S. tenebrosa ]

Bocanegra, O. R. 2004. First record of Tetragoneuria spinosa for Texas. Argia 15(4):23-24 [ back to E. spinosa ]

Bocanegra, O. & D. Czaplak. 2004. Phyllocycla breviphylla collected in the United States. Argia 16(3):18 [ back to P. breviphylla ]

Bradeen, B., 1993. Life Histories of Sympatric Ophiogomphus spp. (Odonata: Gomphidae ) in the Aroostock River, Maine. Thesis, Univ. of Maine, Orono. 75 pps [ back to O. aspersus, O. mainensis, O. rupinsulensis ]

Bridgehouse, D. 2008. Tramea lacerata (Black Saddlebags) – found in Nova Scotia. Argia 20(4): 19 [ back to T. lacerata ]

Bridgehouse, D. and J. Edsall, 2013. Blue Dasher, (Pachydiplax longipennis) New to Nova Scotia. Argia 25(4): 7. [ back to P. longipennis ]

Bried, J. and S. Krotzer. 2005. New species records for Mississippi: and expected dragonfly and an unexpected damselfly. Argia 17(1):6-7 [ back to L. forficula, A. lentulus ]

Bright, Ethan. Per. Comm. (26-Oct-1999). "....I think you should either remove Michigan from Ophiogomphus aspersus, or at least mention that the record is dubious. It's an Eastern species, and of the two records of this species noted by Kormondy (1958), one was a misidentified O. colubrinus female, the other is a larval exuvia from Wayne Co. in southeastern Michigan that apparently has been lost in the Cornell collection and cannot be verified (I'm trying to find it). Ken Tennessen and I authored a short note in Williamsonia 2(4):2, stating that this species should probably be taken of the state species list..." [ back to O. aspersus ]

Broughton, A. 1999. Archilestes grandis (Odonata: Lestidae) from Georgia: New State Record. Argia 11(2): 9 [back to A. grandis ]

Brown, Ginger 2001. Rhode Island Update. Argia 13(3): 22 [ back to L. dryas, L. glacialis, L. proxima ]

Brown, Ginger 2005, Celithemis verna in New York. Argia 17(3):21-22 [ back to C. verna ]

Brown, Virginia 2003. Rhode Island Odonata Atlas: 2003 Season summary. Ode News 10(2):8-9 [ back to S. spiniceps, N obsoleta ]

Brunell, P., 1997. Distribution of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of the Atlantic Provinces, Canada. Northeastern Naturalist 4(2):61-82 [ Back to A. saucium, E. aspersum, E. geminatum, E. signatum, I. Posita, L. eurinus, A. constricta, B. vinosa, E. heros, D. spinosus, G. borealis, G. descriptus, G. spicatus, O. anomalus , O. mainensis, D. Lepida, E. princeps, S. albicincta, S. incurvata, S. kennedyi, S. septentrionalis, L. patricia, L. proxima, L. semifasciata, N. bella, S. corruptum ]

Brunelle, P. 1998. Somatochlora brevicincta in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia! Argia, 9(4): 5. [ back to S. brevicincta ]

Brunelle, P. 1998. 1998 DSA Northeastern Group Meeting in Southern Maine. Argia 10(1): 3-4 [ back to G. quadricolor, G. vastus, P. obscurus, S. amnicola, S. notatus]

Brunelle, P., 1999. Additions to the List of Dragonflies (Odonata) of the Atlantic Provinces. Northeastern Naturalist 6(1): 35-38 (In Press). [ back to S. cingulata, S. septentrionalis, L. frigida, P. flavescens ]

Brunelle, P., 1999. Additions to the List of Damselflies and Dragonflies (Odonata) of New Hampshire, United States. Northeastern Naturalist (In Press). [ back to C. dimidiata, G. lividus ]

Brunelle, P., 1999. Distribution of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of Maine, United States. Northeastern Naturalist 6(2): 95-118  [ back to E.recurvatum, N. pentacantha, R. mutata, A. furcifer, G. descriptus, P. tenera ]

Brunelle, P., 2010 Dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) of the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone. In Assessment of Species Diversity in the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone. Edited by D. F. McAlpine and I.M. smith. NRC Press, Ottawa, Canada. Pp 333-369 [ back to N. obsoleta ]

Brunelle, P. per. Comm. (07-Oct-99). “A few additions in my region: Prince Edward Island: Basiaeschna janata - J. Harding, Celithemis elisa - J. Harding. Newfoundland (Island of): Somatochlora brevicincta - O. Flint. Nova Scotia: Somatochlora williamsoni - D. Anderson. MAINE: Somatochlora brevicincta - J. Trimble (1st United States)..." [ back to B. janata, S. brevicincta, S. williamsoni, C. elisa ]

Brunelle, P. per. Comm. (30-Aug-2000). " ...The most recent information on the state level for Maine...Anax longipes, E. pictum and A. translata added (B. Nikula et al, MDDS)." [ back to A. translata, E. pictum, A. longipes ]

Brunelle, P. per. comm.. (15-Nov-2011). Comments on Odonate Distribution in Acadia [ back to A. translata, C. interrogatum, E. daeckii, E. pictum, A. subarctica, G. furcillata, G. abbreviatus, G. fraternus, G. lividus, S. amnicola, S. notatus, S. spiniceps, E. cynosura, L. needhami, L. pulchella, , S. internum, S. rubicundulum, T. lacerata ]

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Cannings, R. per. comm. (11-Aug-2000). " Just a brief note to let you know that Syd Cannings and Sid Dunkle just collected S. brevicincta at two widely separate localities in central British place near McBride, the other in the Parsnip River drainage. I have yet to see the specimens, but I'm sure they are what the guys say they are!!  As far as I know, the species, although presumably boreal in distribution, has not been collected before west of Quebec. [ back to to S. brevicincta ]

Cannings, R. 2002. Introducing the Dragonflies of British Columbia and the Yukon. Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria. 96 pp. [Back to C. aequabilis ]

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Carpenter, Ginger. ( per. comm.) 01-Nov-1999.... you can post our data [from Brunelle for R.I.] as per. comm...including the  [unpublished ] 1998 and 1999 new records: Ischnura ramburii, Arigomphus furcifer, Aeshna canadensis, and Libellula needhami..." [ back to E. daeckii, E. divagans, E. traviatumI. ramburii, L. eurinus, A. canadensis, A. constricta, A. longipes, B. janataB. vinosa, N. pentacantha, R. mutata, A. furciferG. adelphusG. lividus, H. brevistylus, P. obscurus, S. albistylus, S. scudderi, C. diastatops, C. maculataD. transversa, D. libera, E. cynosura, H. uhleri, S. walshii, S. williamsoni, C. fasciata, C. martha, L. frigida, L. hudsonica, L. cyanea, L. needhamiL. quadrimaculata, N. bella, P. hymenaea, T. lacerata ]

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Roble, Steve. Per. Comm. (27-Sept-1999). "...I believe Dennis Paulson's record (pers. comm. to you) of Arigomphus submedianus for Massachusetts is incorrect. I'm not aware of any historical or recent records for this species from that state...The Carle 1991 record of G. septima, which Carle reports solely on the basis of sight records that he personally made at one site. Our staff has visited this site repeatedly without success in attempting to confirm his report... Dennis Paulson 24 May 1999 pers. comm. reference has introduced a few new errors to your list. He reported that O. edmundo and N. molesta occur in VA. There are no such records. I believe his error can be traced back to Carle's environmental monitoring paper.Carle lists both species for VA, but a more careful review reveals that no populations were known in the state (i.e., they were merely hypotheticals)... Paulson also discounted the WV record of D. spoliatus. There is, however, a published report (Olson 1972) for that state based on larval collections made in two counties (ID help provided by Paul Harwood and Minter W. according to the author). [ back to A. submedianus, D. spoliatus, G. septima, O. edmundo, N. molesta ]

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Smith, Lynn B. Per.comm (01-Sep-2003)." First SC Sighting of Dragonfly: Rudy Mancke called to ask me to let SCAN folks know that there has been a first-time sighting of a Phantom Darner, Triacanthagyna trifida. This is considered a coastal species that has previously been found in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. It was logical to expect it in South Carolina as well. What was less logical was finding it in Richland County at the Clemson Sandhills Education Center near one of the ponds near the Lake House meetings area. A Clemson Ph.D. candidate, Austin Jenkins, caught a teneral female on August 14. Austin has been working with Rudy on surveying SC non-human inhabitants (my version of that!). The voucher specimen will be housed as part of the State Arthropod Collection at Clemson." Lynn Smith, Camden, SC. [ back to T. trifida ]

Smith, William. per. Comm (21-Feb-1999) ".... I recommend removing Ophiogomphus aspersus from the WI list. The only basis for inclusion was an adult male specimen which cannot be relocated. There is an undesrcibed species of Ophiogomphus from WI that is easily mistaken for aspersus and which was found very close to the site aspersus was reported from earlier. I've personally looked at about 50,000 gomphid larvae or exuviae from WI, MN, and MI and have seen nothing like the true aspersus....You can add Somatochlora cingulata which was taken from the same lake in Vilas County for several years..." [ back to O. aspersus , S. cingulata ]

Smith, William. per. Comm (12-Sept-1999) "...I borrowed the specimen which is the basis for O. aspersus being reported from Iowa and it is instead an adult male of the undescribed Ophiogomphus endemic to western WI and NE IA. Iowa should be removed from O. aspersus distribution. Robert Cruden is aware of this. ... Robert DuBois of the WI DNR collected Aeshna subarctica in WI last fall and again this fall. He has submitted an article to the Great Lakes Entomologist which I believe has been accepted.... I have seen Stylurus plagiatus adults flying over the Mississippi R. in Houston Co., MN in the early 1990's. Two of my sons, Corbin and Brendon collected S. plagiatus exuviae in Houston Co.and Winona Counties in 1992, again on the Mississippi River and I have seen the specimens...." [ back to A. subarctica, O. aspersus, S. plagiatus ]

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Steffens, Wayne. per. comm (09-Sep-1999) "..I'm still concerned about Williamsonia fletcheri. I have seen no mention of it in any Minnesota litterature, and I find it difficult to believe thah an uncommon species like that could have been found here and all the documentation lost...The same applies to Nasiaeschna pentacantha. No mention of it in any pubications.." [ back to N. pentacantha, W. fletcheri, ]

Stoks, Robbie. Per. comm 16-Aug-2000. "..Please note that I found the following addenda I made in the summer of 2000: Lestes eurinus (adults and larvae) in Norwich, VT, Lestes forcipatus (adults and larvae) in Norwich, Union village and East Thetford, VT.... Please note the presence of Enallagma aspersum (adults and larvae) in Norwich and Union Village, VT..." [ back to E. aspersum, L. eurinus, L. forcipatus ]

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Tennessen, Ken. per. comm (20-Aug-1999) " . I can find no record of O. rupinsulensis in AL or GA prior to Bick's N.A. list. I wonder if he might have made a blunder by considering the synonymy of O. carolinus with rupinsulensis by Frank Carle straight up. Let me explain further: both AL and GA were listed under O. carolinus in the old Manual. When Carle synonymized carolinus, this was based on the nymph only. (Hagen, in 1885, established carolinus based on a nymph from KY; Carle examined it and det. it as rup.) Workers erroneously identified southern specimens of Ophio. as carolinus, but in fact they belong to an unnamed species. Therefore none of the adult records of carolinus should be attributed to rup. (which I think George Bick might have done), as Carle gave the "carolinus" adults a new name, incurvatus. As far as the known distribution of rupinsulensis goes, I have seen it in TN only as far south as the Duck River (Marshall and Maury counties). This area S of Nashville is not montaine; in fact it is very flat, and is in the Central Basin. A long time ago, I saw a larva from the Elk River just south of the TN/AL line; the site was actually in Limestone County, AL. However, I can not find the specimen, and am reluctant to base any new state record on a larva, especially with such a difficult genus. I have always wanted to go to the Elk R. and look for it, but as yet have not taken the time. Anyway, O. rupinsulensis should not be listed for either AL or GA, to my knowledge. .."[back to O. rupinsulensis ]

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Vogt, Tim. per. Comm. (04-Oct-99). "....I know of no VA records. The allotype from PA is most definitely not O. edmundo. It isn't even a close relative. The O. edmundo allotype is either an undescribed subspecies or sister species of O. susbehcha! I have discussed this situation with Mike May ....Tim C. and I question the following Illinois records. Somatochlora filosa- No known IL specimens. Walsh (1862) had a Somatochlora female that he thought must be eitherS. tenebrosa or S. filosa. This may be the original source for this record; However, we have examined an adult male from Indiana housed at the Field Museum. It is a reliable record from a well known entomologist. Probably a vagrant. " [ back to O. edmundoS. filosa ]

Vogt, Tim & Tim Cashatt. Per. Comm. (07-Oct-1999). " We have additional information that may be helpful. Tim Cashatt and I have specimens housed at the Illinois State Museum, some of which are unpublished state records. These include Cordulegaster bilineata (IL), Cordulegaster erronea (IL), Cordulegaster maculata (MO), Somatochlora provocans (MO), Dythemis velox (IL), Leucorrhinia frigida (IL), and Libellula flavida (IL). Also, C. bilineata and C. erronea are reported from IL in a paper that deals primarily with Tachopteryx thoreyi (McPheron and Schiff, 1989). A Cordulegaster diastatops adult male from northeastern IL is housed at the Illinois Natural History Survey. Webb et al. (1986) discuss this specimen. Bill Smith and I collected an exuvia of Neurocordulia yamaskanensis from the Ohio River in Pope County, IL. This specimen  is in Bill Smith's collection. Although Tim C. and I know of no known (IL) specimens for Gomphus (Gomphurus) lineatifrons, it may be more appropriate to question its presence in IL rather than to remove it from the list altogether. Especially since it is known from IN, KY, MO, and WI. It was reported from IL in Needham and Westfall (1955). For reasons somewhat similar to those mentioned for G. (G.) lineatifrons, it may be more appropriate to question the presence of  Somatochlora filosa for MO than to remove it from the list altogether. Although the adult male specimen can not be found at this time, it seems unlikely that Williamson (1932) would have misidentified an adult male (because of the distinctive cerci). Also, George Harp has collected two adult males from a locality 25 km from MO. One specimen was collected in 1980 and the other in 1985. Although it may have been a vagrant, the adult male from Indiana housed at the Field Museum represents a valid record. It was collected in July 4, 1911 by William J. Gerhard (a well known and respected entomologist of his time). The locality is Mineral Point, IN, (Kosciusko County), 41 19' 34", 85 44'39" W. Gerhard included the Lat/Long on his data label. Sympetrum danae was first reported from IL in Walker and Corbet (1975). Tim and I do not know on what basis it was listed from IL. To date we have not seen any IL specimens. Its presence in IL probably should be questioned until a specimen is collected or discovered. The presence of Gomphus (Gomphurus) crassus in IL seems plausible. However, once again, Tim and I are unaware of any IL specimens. Needham and Westfall (1955) do not list it from IL..." [back to G. crassus, G. Lineatifrons, C. bilineata, C. diastatops , C. erronea, C. maculata, N. yamaskanensis, S. filosa, S. provocans, D. velox, L. frigida, L. flavida, S. danae. ]

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Westfall, Minter. Per. Comm (28-Aug-2000): [in final preparation for the "Manual": "...Some records which were on my list but with no indication of source I have left in but with a question mark. These are:  A. persephone. MEX. CH ( I think this was from Kondratief); Anax amazili. Haiti; A. longipes. D,R., P.R.; S. incurvata. CAN: NT; E. b. naeva. D.R.. Haiti; M. inacuta. MEX:NL; P. subornata. CANADA: BC.... Here are records for some others: E. crotalinus. Phylllocycla elongata. MEX: CL (O.K. in e-mail from Mike; P. borealis. ID (in Sid's list, also in Logan's thesis which we have); C. diadema. MEX: NL (two full grown larvae in alcohol determined by me and confirmed by Ken at Cades Cove meeting); Cordulia shurtleffii. ID (from Paulson). NC( from Duncan, will probably be in next ARGIA); Pseudoleon superbus. MEX. SO (Kondratief has in his collection); S. i. illotum.,Haiti. Jamaica (from Paulson)...." [ back to A. persephone, A. amazili, A. longipes, P. elongata, P. borealis, C. diadema, C. shurtleffii, S. incurvata, E. berenice, M. inacuta, P. subornata, P. superbus, S. illotum ]

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White, Hal  Per. Comm. (18-Mar-2005). “I looked at the distribution lists you have posted with respect to Delaware. I have several additions and possible deletions for DE. I have good voucher specimen records for: Lestes eurinus, Argia translata, Nehalennia integricollis, Telebasis byersi. The following I do not have records for in Delaware: Argia sedula - I have listed this based on an old record by Beatty but I have not been able to find the species in the state. It should be here but I would appreciate a confirmation from a documented source, Otherwise it deserves a question mark. Enallagma hageni - I know of no records for this species in Delaware. Nehallenia irene - I reported this about 30 years ago but I suspect it was integricollis. At a time that I didn't know integricollis. I need to look at the specimen again. Thus this is a questionable species at the moment in my mind.” [back to A. sedula, A. translata, E. hageni, N. integricollis, N. Irene, T. byersi, L. eurinus ]

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