1. Cash Donations are always welcome and are fully tax deductible. Make check payable to I.O.R.I.

2. Donated Odonata specimens are tax deductible (we provide the appropriate forms and have access to an appraiser for specimen donations exceeding $5000.00 under IRS rules).

Specimens that are identified to species and properly curated into 3 x 5 plastic or cellophane envelopes bring about $5.00 a specimen in tax deductions. (Yes you heard me right $5.00 a specimen, which is the equivalent of a reduction of your actual tax liability of about $1.40 each). Unidentified or uncurated specimens are still welcomed (except pined specimens), but the value is much less. Specimens that we can not use are distributed to other museums worldwide. Alcohol preserved specimens such as larvae, exuviae, emerged specimens with exuviae, and 95-100% ethanol preserved adults for DNA studies are needed.

4. Donate Odonata related books, reprints, archival notes, posters, photos etc. are welcome and are also tax deductible.

4. Purchase books and supplies through the I.O.R.I. (usually for a discount). This helps fund our day to day operations.

5. Curation assistance, either at Gainesville FL or at your location, Help is needed with identifications, labeling and curation, both adults and alcohol collections.

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