FSCA ODONATA COLLECTION. (updated 19-November-2021)

Paul Skelly, Collection Manager, FSCA; Mauffray, Resident Research Associate, Curator of Odonata/p> The Museum houses one of the largest Odonata collections of curated adults and immatures in the world, totaling over 800,000 specimens (including 130,000 immatures in vials). The collection includes over 150 primary types and hundreds of secondary types. The International Odonata Research Institute (IORI), managed by Mr. Bill Mauffray, is headquartered at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA) in Gainesville, Florida.

The collection includes specimens from throughout the world with large holdings from Central and South America as well as the United States and Canada. Major components of the Odonata collection have come from George and Juanda Bick, Carl Cook, R. Duncan Cuyler, Jerrell Daigle, Thomas Donnelly, Sid Dunkle, Paul Harwood, Bill Mauffray, B. Elwood Montgomery, Dennis Paulson, Clark Shiffer, Fred Sibley, S. C. Smith, Kenneth Tennessen, Minter J. Westfall, Jr. and others. Representative specimens from Clarence Kennedy, F. Campos, Philip Calvert, J. Williamson and others. The IORI collection was merged into the FSCA in 2004.

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